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For the Parents and Teachers>>

For the Hardworking Writers>>

For the Poetry Lovers>>

For the Feminist Gazers>>

For the Parents and Teachers

Want to support your child's writing dream and help improve their writing? Receive free writing tips and my writer workshop schedules! Sign-up here>>

For the Hardworking Writers

As a budding writer, I know how writing, publishing, and marketing might seem overwhelming. So I will try to help you in whatever way I can. I will share free and helpful writer resources, publishing advice, writing communities guide, and much more with you! Sign-up here>>

For the Poetry Lovers

Poetry finds its muse in every situation. Want to gift a loved one with a heart-warming poem, or soothe your worries or calm your burning rage or simply help you take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life? Visit here to get a personalised poem from me to gift your personalised poem>>


Want to read some good poetry every week for free? Sign-up here>> 

For the Feminist Gazers

The Feminist Gaze is my monthly newsletter where I write about films, shows, books, and other works I perceive and read from my feminist point of view. It ranges from decoding a scene to questioning a writer's decision; and sometimes expressing my anger on ongoing issues. Subscribe here to receive the free newsletter>>

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