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Bavishya Tai is a writer from Chennai, India, best known for her feminist poetry and articles. She believes that ordinary things can birth the fondest writings, and that the grand events of the world can often be viewed through a simple perspective. 

Her debut novel, A Summer with Nani and an Alien, revolves around a part of her childhood where she tries to understand why her conservative grandmother was disapproving of her individuality and how she wishes their relationship could've changed for the better.

Bavishya Tai also runs a newsletter called The Feminist Gaze where she analyses the world of cinema through a feminist lens.

Brief History

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Bavishya Tai was born in Chennai, India. Being a creative person who grew up watching, studying, and critiquing films with her best friend, she did her under-grad studies in Visual Communication in college.

It was during this time that the trailer for the movie Pet Sematary (2019) was released. When the trailer mentioned that it was an adaptation of a novel by Stephen King, she remembered reading about people not liking his film adaptations, but loving his books. Being a film-buff, she couldn't fathom what his books could accomplish that movies couldn't.


Overcome with insatiable curiosity, she read her first novel, Pet Sematary by Stephen King at the age of eighteen. When she finished it, she celebrated a little for doing what she thought she'd never do in her life, and then sat for a while, contemplating the magic of words, writers, and books. She then moved on to reading her next book, then another, and another. 


At nineteen, she landed an internship as a Copywriter for McCann Chennai for her creative ad works in college. It is here that she realised her passion and talent for writing. She started a blog where she posted short stories, poems, and articles. After finishing college, she wrote her first novel - a middle-grade sci-fi/literary fiction titled A Summer With Nani and an Alien. She is currently working on finding a publisher for the same.

In 2021, she started her free newsletter The Feminist Gaze where she reviews, analyses, and criticizes the world of entertainment through the eyes of a feminist. A direct play on the concept of male gaze (read What is Male Gaze?), it also talks about film, culture and literature in general. Subscribe to The Feminist Gaze below!

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