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Free Writing Workshops

As an emerging writer who is learning about the craft through the internet, I wish my school had offered writing courses and art courses other than just biology and computer science. 

I would've had a better knowledge about the industry and a better foundation to build my writing career upon. And I would've penned more pieces of writing than what I have right now.

To help schools and parents in the process of expanding children's knowledge beyond academics, I'm conducting free workshops for middle-grade children (ages 8-2) and young-adults (ages 13-20) on writing. The topics range from basic story structure to breaking stereotypes with characters. 

If you would like to book a session, contact me via the form below.

I wish girls weren't written after the boys. I wish all our clothes weren't painted pink. I wish we weren't put in a group of boys to be just a love interest. I wish we weren't thought that blue eyes and rosy lips were necessary to be the teacher's pet. I wish the protagonist was someone other than a white boy. I wish the protagonist was someone other than a white girl. I wish movies heroes didn't promote drinking and smoking as something cool for the young boys to follow. I wish movies didn't promote women as objects of beauty for young girls to follow. I wish the writers were smart enough, sensitised enough, and strong enough to write stories and characters that defied stereotypes. A girl in a cartoon who isn't just too kind or too mean or too dumb. A boy who doesn't frown at the colour pink and think being mean is a language of love. A man in a movie who doesn't fight and drink to forget his pain. A woman in a show who has a better aspiration than sucking up to her in-laws. 

I wish... I wish...

Here's an important lesson I've learnt:

No Genie in a bottle, no knight in shining armour, no saviour in the form of man will come to grant your wish, to save you from your misery, to help you achieve your goals. You need to pick yourself up, come up with a plan, and push yourself to do it everyday.

To make my own wish of creating sensitised writers come true, I'm conducting online workshops for children, young adults, and adults on writing. The topics range from identifying bias to breaking stereotypes in stories. The content will be tailored according to the age group of the audience attending. 

If you are a school, college, an organization, or a parent wanting to help your children become better writers, book a session with me:

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