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Debut Novel

A Summer with Nani and an Alien

Every summer, Varsha hates nothing more than visiting her grandmother (Nani) in the Indian town of Sullurpeta. Nani is constantly trying to mould Varsha into the “perfect girl.” It takes the arrival of a little alien named ‘Awu’ to turn their strained relationship around. While the town’s space centre is on the probe for the alien, Varsha gets one chance to send Awu back home. It won’t be easy, however. An evil scientist lurks in the neighbourhood, Awu refuses to leave Earth, and Nani is repulsed by Awu’s family of two fathers.

But surprises hang around every corner. And the summer explodes with little adventures, conflicts, and kindness between humans of this small Indian town and an alien of another planet.

Read this heartwarming tale:

Available on all Amazon sites in Kindle and paperback versions.


Available on all Amazon sites.

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